When a Mustang GT500 driver pushes too much horsepower


It seems that there is such a thing as ‘ too much horsepower ‘ but, just in situations like this one. Mistakes do happen, but being careful and taking every bit of precaution is essential, especially if you’re sitting behind the wheel of a car that is as powerful as a Ford Mustang Shelby GT500. And, doing a burnout next to bystanders is something that definitely has to be banned from your head.

The video below was taken during a car meet in Maryland where a GT500 driver, while making a right-hand turn, lost control and went straight into the crowd. Fortunately, nobody was injured and we must congratulate the guy with a black baseball hat who didn’t drop his beer even though the car almost took him out. And just for the record, the Mustang driver stop to make sure if everyone was okay, despite what the video shows.