Yamaha 04GEN Concept – The scooter with dragonfly wings!

Yamaha 04GENYamaha 04GEN ConceptĀ – a dragonfly on wheels!

The fourth concept model of Yamaha’s Gen series was unveiled at the first Vietnam Motorcycle Show inĀ Ho Chi Minh City. The innovative approach to the scooter body structure and dynamics is based on the Refined Dynamism design philosophy of the company. The 04Gen doesn’t hide the frame behind the exterior parts – it wraps them in semi-transparent parts that pivot up, giving the scooter awesome wings.

Yamaha still hasn’t released any additional info on the specs. However, we can guess that this thing is powered by a internal combustion engine given the exhaust can on the right side of the rear wheel.

Yamaha 04GEN Concept – The scooter with dragonfly wings.

What’s really unique about the 04Gen that makes it different from other typical scooters are some of its features. For example, the footboard, the steering column and the rear section are incorporated in solid metal construction. Another thing that is unusual about this scooter is the braking system – typical disc brakes enclosed in hubs both at the rear and front.

The new 04Gen concept may be a flight of fancy but, it also may prove to be the forebear of a new scooter family from Yamaha; nevertheless, we’ll just have to wait and see. For now, check out the video!