Yamaha Beer Crate Racer – Very cool video!!!

Yamaha Beer CrateYamaha Beer Crate!

A man who builds little toys in his garage built this 1979 Yamaha beer crate racer. This guy probably loves beer too, judging by the Heineken beer crate. The racer has 80cc and is buzzing like crazy. The guy needed about four months to build such an extraordinary ride, and in the video below he is finally riding it around the neighborhood. This guy has many home-built tractors and this beer crate racer perfectly fits in his collection. We don’t have much information about this thing, but let’s say that the video is worth a thousand words.

One very cool-looking 1979 Yamaha Beer Crate Racer!

This is cool Heineken Beer 1979 Crate Racer…Check it out!