Yard Built Special – 2015 Yamaha VMAX “Infrared”

2015 Yamaha VMAX2015 Yamaha VMAX

Yard Built Special –  Yamaha VMAX “Infrared”

2015 is a special year for the legendary Yamaha, as it celebrates 30-year anniversary of the first VMAX!

As a tribute for the special occasion, Yamaha showcased it’s Yard Built special, created by the legendary German builder JVB-Moto, called the Infrared.

Yard Built Special – 2015 Yamaha VMAX “Infrared”

JvB-Moto’s vision and inspiration for the VMAX Yard Built special was to transform the stock VMAX into a radical dragster meets café racer concept and express the essential features of the original VMAX!

Check out the transformation and the masterpiece that is the Infrared!