10 Amazing Roads To Ride Before You Die!!


10 Amazing Roads To Ride Before You Die!!

There are some amazing roads throughout the world that will take your breath away and make your heart ache. Check out our top 10 roads to ride before you die!

Trollstigen, Norway


So this road is closed during late autumn and winter due to dangers of snow and ice, so if you want to have a pleasant experience, visit Norway between May and October.

The Atlantic Ocean Road, Norway.


Another beautiful place in Norway.  It’s a 8.3 kilometer long stretch with the most amazing view you can imagine. The road is connecting islet to islet in the form of bridges and at the end, you are reaching where the ocean begins.

Ruta 40, Argentina


This is the longest road in Argentina, running from Punta Loyola to La Quiaca.  It’s a 3,100 mile journey and takes you through 20 national parks, over 18 major rivers and 27 passes in the Andes!

U.S. Route 50 – Nevada, USA.


If there is place where you can feel like you are in the middle of nowhere, this is it! This road is stretching from Sacramento, California to Ocean City, Maryland!

Transfagarasan Highway, Romania


The Transfagarasan Highway is the road that links Transylvania and Walachia. It rises to 2,034 m at its highest point, making it Romania’s second highest paved road.

The Gueoling Tunnel Road, China.


This road was constructed by 13 villagers in the span of 5 years. This tunel road is almost a mile long and it’s enough for two vehicles to pass!

Sani Pass, South Africa


This road connects the KwaZulu-Natal province and Lesotho. It’s five and a half miles long and it’s a challenging road due to the difficult terrain!

The Col de Turini, Monte Carlo


This is probably the shortest but most exiting roads on the list. Col de Turini have a mile long twists and turns, and it’s used as one of the stages of the Monte Carlo Rally.

Savannah Way, Australia


This road is 2,100 mile long and runs from Cairns to Broome across some of the most amazing tropical savannahs in Australia.

Karakoram Highway, China to Pakistan


This is the longest road on the list. The Karakoram highway stretches 800 miles across central Asia, connecting China and Pakistan across the Karakoram mountain. If you want an adventure, this is it!!