1000 HP Hyundai Genesis catches on fire and keeps on drifting!


We see cars catching on fire all the time- it’s just the way it is; when a car has too much power such things happen and in fact, we’ve seen many videos where supercars are on fire. But, what we haven’t seen is a car that bursts into flame to continue drifting. Well, that’s what this Hyundai Genesis driver did and it looks quite dangerous.

We don’t deny the seriousness of the situation and the “bravery” of the drifter; however, it’s pretty hilarious seeing the fire crew chasing his down while he keeps on drifting with those flames on the rear. What caused the fire is unknown, but this drift definitely goes up on the scale of “craziest drifts ever” and we don’t think that it would be easily topped.  Check it out!