1000HP Subaru BRZ shows Formula D what’s drifting all about!

1000HP Subaru BRZ1000HP Subaru BRZ – It may be a BRZ but not like the ones we are used to seeing.

You can focus on balancing your car as much as you like but, that’s not the only thing that you need to win Formula D races. To be a valuable participant there, you need a lot of power. The Subaru may be powerful but, since this one is taking part of the Formula D races it goes up to 1000HP. That’s 5 times more that what we’ve seen on the dyno.

At first sight, you’ll realize that we you can see such a Subaru BRZ with such a look almost everywhere. Nevertheless, the difference between those BRZs and this one is huge. The former one are just pretending to be drift cars, whereas this one managed to take second place in Atlanta.

1000HP Subaru BRZ shows Formula D what’s drifting all about

Don’t get us wrong, we’re not trying to say that the victory belongs to the 1000HP Subaru BRZ only. Dai Yoshihara, the guy behind the wheel of it, contributed more than one can imagine for that title. The Formula D races are really amazing and it’s a pity that few people watch them. There are a lot of monstrous cars participating in that event!

Under the hood of the 1000HP Subaru BRZ, instead of finding a 2-liter boxer engine, you’ll see a custom V8. This engine was based on the Chevy LS architecture and it sure proved it success. We’re talking about a 7,8-liter unit that together with a Garrett GTX50R turbocharger¬†makes this Subaru put out 1000HP.¬†

In the video below, Dai gives us a walk around the 1000HP Subary BRZ. Check out his impressions of the exprience and the car itself! 1000HP Subaru BRZ youtube video below! Enjoy.