1968 Chevrolet Chevelle SS hits a concrete barrier after a cool ride!

1968 Chevrolet Chevelle SS1968 Chevrolet Chevelle SS beautiful ride ends with hitting a concrete barrier.
Everything was going super clean and great, as planned for this amazing Chevelle SS. The driver was throwing the Chevelle’s weight around the track perfectly and even finished the race with a clean pass. However, the worst comes right after that.

As the Chevelle approaches the finish line, the driver tries to shave off as much as time possible and pushes the gas in the last few feet. Then, he loses control of the car and hits a concrete barrier.

1968 Chevrolet Chevelle SS ‘ perfect rides ends with a concrete barrier

The crash wasn’t extreme so nobody got hurt. For all we can see, even the beautiful SS didn’t suffer much damage so, it will probably be in perfect shape in no time. Check the 1968 Chevrolet Chevelle SS┬ávideo below!