2 Ducati engines powering one single motorbike – for the win!

2 Ducati engines2 Ducati engines powering one single motorbike – an unusual creation, indeed.

If you’re asked to think of several motorbikes, chances are that among the first ones that’ll pop into your mind will be a Ducati. Yes, there are plenty of other quality motorbike brands and every one of us has a favorite but, the Italian manufacturer holds the primate when creating high-performance motorbikes is in question. And of course, when we think of power we think of the engine.

2 Ducati engines powering one single motorbike- for the win!

Have you ever though of powering a motorbike with two engines? Well, the video below shows a bike that has 2 Ducati engines at its disposal. You can call it however you want to, it still is unique. Unfortunately, we don’t have any additional information about this one-of-a-kind machine but, we get the idea that maybe it was build to break a world record or something like that. Nevertheless, crank up the speaker because 2 Ducati engines make a sound that is worth hearing!