2015 Roush Performance Ford Mustang GT with Vossen Forged rims!


This first and one of a kind 2015 Roush Performance Ford Mustang GT is in possession of one on the marketing assistants in Vossen, Brian McCarthy. He managed to modify the GT really quickly and got it on an incredible level. He is a passionate young car enthusiast and he really loves Mustangs!

He installed the Roush Performance full Aero Kit, including the hood scoop, front fascia, hood vends, side scoop etc. One of his favorite things on this Mustang is the 5.0 l Coyote motor, which was brought back with the 2011 S197 Mustang. Brian installed the Roush’s quad tip exhaust the coyote engine that really brings the Coyote motor to life! Also, the modifications that really brought this build to life are definitely the wheels. “The Vossen Forged: Precision Series VSP-302s, were perfect, considering the classic 5-spoke design”- says Brian.

See what this thing is all about in the video below: