2016 Bugatti Chiron Hybrid from 0-60mph in 2,5 seconds!!

The 2016 Bugatti Chiron Hybrid-The fastest and the most expensive car ever! (Preview)!2016 Bugatti Chiron Hybrid with acceleration of 0-60mph in 2,5 seconds will be an outstanding beast! With price of $7,700,000 and its 1500 HP and 1,100 pound-feet of torque, this monster will be the world’s most powerful production car ever made. This thing is going to reach unbelievable power! Its top speed will be 288mph! Some say that this car would be sold for $ 2.4 million. Unfortunately, the release date of this car has not been announced even though Bugatti promise that this car would release as soon as possible in early 2016.

2016 Bugatti Chiron Hybrid!

Compared to the previous generation its body weight decreased so the automaker can install a heavier power train.
Chiron is actually a hybrid that combines the 8.0 liter W16 engine (equipped with four turbochargers) with the electric motor that has amazing power output. The 2016 Bugatti Chiron Hybrid will be released in limited series. Watch the video, and keep calm and see what Hennessey are going to do about it! 2016 Bugatti Chiron Hybrid video below!