2016 Ford Focus RS – Ken Block’s Gymkhana NINE!

2016 Ford Focus RS2016 Ford Focus RS is supposedly the next Gymkhana.

Recently, we have seen Ken Block in his spectacular Ford Fiesta doing all sorts of crazy things with his ride throughout Dubai. He is probably the most famous drifter in the world ( and maybe the best of the best) and if you haven’t heard of his that you’re most likely one of those people who think that cars are only serve as a means of transportation and you know almost nothing about drifting.

2016 Ford Focus RS is Ken Block’s next weapon

2016 Ford Focus RS

However, those of us who are really into that kind of stuff and enjoy watching every Gymkhana experience would really appreciate the information that we got our hands on. Officially, 2016 Ford Focus RS has been confirmed what the next weapon of choice will get Ken Block for Gymkhana NINE and the 2016 FIA World EX supercar championship. Check the 2016 Ford Focus RS pictures below.

2016 Ford Focus RS

2016 Ford Focus RS