2016 Honda NSX – Driving fast and roaring like a beast!

nsxa2016 Honda NSX!

The second generation NSX, the 2016 Acura NSX, has definitely had its delays and setbacks. Amongst them, the most significant was the engine. At first, the power plant for this MSX was supposed to be a V10. However, the hybrid technology required more and jumped right into Honda’s hand. So, now the vehicle has a mind-mounted 3.5-liter turbo charged hybrid. Gasoline motor mated to the AWD train and 3 electric motors are featured in the system.

2016 Honda NSX hitting the Nurburgring without camouflage!

The production, which started in Ohio, was slowed down because of engine problems but, Honda is pretty quiet about that, saying they will take care of it very quickly. In the video below you will see the Acura hybrid on the Nürburgring, being tested. No camouflage wraps this time folks! That twin turbo hybrid V6 pulls itself down the track while using of it horsepower. It was about time to hear some Honda turbo V6!