2JZ dragster with a 94mm Precision turbo making over 1000HP!

2jz dragster2JZ dragster with a 94mm Precision turbo making over 1000HP! The internet is overloaded with 2JZ engine swaps, but I haven’t seen anything like this before! 2JZ powered dragster! There are some engines out there that simply make noise that is pure music to our ears as they pelt out a symphony of harmonic greatness. And the 2JZ is definitely one of those engines. We’ve always had a crush on them, especially when they’re cranking out major power like this one.

2JZ dragster with a 94mm Precision turbo making over 1000HP!

This monster right here is sporting a 94mm Precision Turbo and tons of custom modifications. When this monster spools up on the dyno – it makes “well over 1000 hp”. It’s got full billet Mazworx aluminum block, Promod 94mm Precision Turbo. All custom motor work and tuning were done at Excessive Autosports. If you want to know the exact numbers, we hate to disappoint you, but the builders weren’t too specific, except that it’s well over 1000! They said that some things are best to stay secret.

This 2JZ dragster built by Excessive Autosport in Sioux Falls South Dakota has to be one of the crazier 2JZ powered vehicles. It has ran down into the 6’s! With an improved chassis, those times are only going to drop. This is one ride everyone should keep an eye on! Excessive Autosports LLC is a Automotive performance shop located in Sioux falls, SD. They have been around for 19 years. They have owned and operated a Dyno jet dyno for 16 years. Not a day goes by in which the Excessive Autosports LLC garage isn’t crammed with Supras, Nissans, Corvettes, Mustangs, Vipers and other cars. Engines are being built, turbo kits being assembled, electronics being installed and cars are being dyno tuned daily! Check out this masterpiece – the 2JZ dragster!

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