2JZ Toyota Cressida JZX30 has no problem going sideways!

2JZ Toyota Cressida2JZ Toyota Cressida! Does this Cressida look familiar? Well, it definitely should as this is one famous 2JZ Toyota Cressida that’s all over the internet. The one who sits behind the wheel of it is Fredrik Sørlie, obviously, a talented drifter and driver and yes, he gets the credit for this match made in heaven. The first thing that came to my mind when i first saw this car was “Damn, that’s a cool car”. But, why do i like it so much? It’s really refreshing to see such modifications on an old-school Japanese car. It’s the perfect example that you don’t need an insane amount of money to drift and it’s put into good use.

2JZ Toyota Cressida drifting like a boss!

As Frederik wanted to have crazy fun in this 2JZ Toyota Cressida he had do replace the 2.0-litre 18R engine with something else otherwise, cutting in the performance department would be inevitable. But, the interesting thing about Frederik is that big turbo charges don’t greet yo when you lift up the hood, it’s just the 2JZ-GE swap. Check it out!