3 wheel Kawasaki Z1000 – Having fun around the bends!

3 wheel Kawasaki Z1000Leaning 3 wheel Kawasaki Z1000 – we haven’t seen such a trike before!

When trikes are in questions, the first things that usually come to mind are fat bikes, like Can-Am Spyders, that ride slow. But, this is a bike that’s totally different and that’ why it’s so amazing. Manufactured by TreMoto, this is a Kawasaki Z1000 that has 2 tilting front wheels. In the video the 3 wheel Kawasaki Z1000 can be seen scorching the asphalt of the Mullholland Highway, right after a mini interview with the rider.

Leaning 3 wheel Kawasaki Z1000 – fun around the bends!

It’s a bit weird to hear the rider talking about how this Leaning 3 wheel Kawasaki Z1000 must be manhandled around the turns. He tells how this bike actually behaves and that it is really harder to steer that most people would think; if the rider can’t find the sweet spot, then high-siding can still be a very present possibility.

While, that can be quite a drag, the owner also points out that the 3rd wheel actually comes in really handy on the inside; more confidence is brought to the ride with that extra grip. Thus, the 3 wheel Kawasaki Z1000 is noticeably heavier due to the weight that is added by the extra metal. In other words, this thing, according to the rider, need some serious muscle to control. The knife-edge balance feel of a traditional bike is reduced but, the rider needs to almost wrestle his wheel to have it going where he wants.

Nevertheless, you can still say that the bike has been improved compared to its original form and still not talk about engine customization. 3 wheel Kawasaki Z1000 video below!