3000 HP Turbo Camaro drifting at the drag strip!

3000 hp turbo camaro3000 HP Turbo Camaro drifting at the drag strip! Big tires are usually good in combination with massive power, but 3000+ horsepower just might be a little too much to handle.

3000 HP Turbo Camaro!

This sick Camaro was seen at “Conquer the Concrete” event at Thunder Valley Raceway in Oklahoma! This big tire monster was one of the first few out on the strip after it had been sprayed and scraped clean! Even turned way down this car had problems keeping a straight line!

The 3.0L Ford eco-boost with K&N intake is a real beast, and the car has a lot of potential. But what’s important for the owner’s and everybody else’s safety is to manage these 3000+ horsepower with traction. Otherwise, all the effort that went into building this beast would be pointless, and the 3000 HP Turbo Camaro would be good for nothing! Check it out!