Nissan 350Z tuning like you’ve never seen before!

350Z tuningNissan 350Z tuning like you’ve never seen before! Bryce Kekoa Jenkins’ incredible 2008 Nissan 350Z is a remarkable example of how far the modification scene has come. The ride features several amazing modifications that have turned this sporty Z into one of the baddest-looking machines in Hawaii.

350Z tuning like you’ve never seen before!

The first remarkable modification is the absolutely phenomenal Greddy Rocket Bunny Z33 wide-body kit. Rocket Bunny is currently blowing up the scene with some of the most visually striking body kits ever created. The kit is amazing to look at from every angle and features a combination of pieces. A front bumper, front and rear overfenders, as well as diffusers and custom one-off side splitters. The install, performed by Bryce and Ethan Kerfoot, involved some seriously intricate cutting and bodywork.

This 350Z is all silver underneath, but you wouldn’t know it thanks to the custom wrapping by Shane Oliberos of Xero Graphics. The Nissan has been meticulously wrapped in a stunning Black Rose that plays with the light in ways that’s not entirely legal. It’s done so well, you’d swear it was painted. The Avant Garde F230s wheels are gorgeous.  The full set features Polished Liquid Bronze lips with Technicia Black Face, and Alpine White Hardware.  Some crazy 326Power 90mm Champagne Gold lugs finish off the look.

Airrex System with seamless polished tank and hard lines housed in a trick hardwood custom enclosure. The suspension also features Megan Racing rear camber arms, adjustable to arms and upper control arms. Additionally, the interior is upgraded with an NRG carbon fiber quick release and adapter hub with a Grip Royal Mahogany wheel along with some other nice touches. So, how about this 350Z tuning? It’s different than everything I’ve seen before. Especially the color of the wrap is amazing. Check it out!