4 engine Harley Davidson – A whole lot of power on two wheels

4 engine harley4 engine Harley Davidson!

Do you remember the builder of ” Double Trouble”? It’s the hot rod that had  two V8s and 4 blowers on them. The one that stands behind that build is Gordon Tronson.Well, this is just his other overkill bike that features 4 Harley engines. That’s right, there are 4 engines on one single chopper. Each of these engines can produce 100 horsepower which means that the total power of the 4 engine Harley Davidson is 400 ponies.

This piece of art was first spotted at the Las Vegas Super Run Car Show. If you enjoyed the fine craftsmanship on the previous one, then you’ll definitely feast your eyes on this one.

4 engine Harley Davidson – A whole lot of power on two wheels!!!


Unfortunately, in the video, we’re not able to hear those 4 Harleys roar, even though we’re dying to do that. Nevertheless, the video provides fine details of the 4 engine Harley Davidson which is pretty good.

The mad bike with 4 Harleys is mostly for show but, it is an incredible piece of machinery.
Check out the video of this awesome bike and tell us what you think!

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