4 rotor RX7 named Humbul, Mad Mike’s latest addition!

4 rotor RX7 4 rotor RX7 named Humbul, Mad Mike’s latest addition! Whenever we talk about rotaries, we’re talking about Mad Mike Whiddett. From the early days of his career in New Zealand to the international drift circuit, Mike has always waved the rotary flag high and proud. Now he’s nothing short of a household name to anyone with even a remote of interest in cars and drifting. We can all agree that his builds pretty much define what rotary machines are all about.

4 rotor RX7 named Humbul, Mad Mike’s latest addition!

Mad Mike is a truly seasoned competitor, but driving in drifting’s spiritual motherland has always been at the top of his to-do list. His respect for the Japanese drivers has always attracted him to the D1 Grand Prix, and in the past he’s entered as many of those events as he’s been able to. And right alongside him in Japan has always been one man: Taisuke Kawato of Total Car Produce Magic. Now Total Car Produce has turned this 4 rotor RX7 called HUMBUL into reality.

The cars that Kawato-san and Mike have built together over the years to compete in D1 have always stood out as some of the most unique. Like all of Mad Mike’s cars, HUMBUL sits extra low, sporting just the right sort of stance. It’s something he always makes sure his car accomplish, no matter what! The result is a nice and even 1000hp, delivered in a totally rotary-like fury of response and violence. To cope with all of this might, the driveline has been built with top-of-the-line components that include a a Holinger 6-speed sequential gearbox, Exedy twin-plate carbon clutch, carbon prop-shaft, a Autosport Dynamics built Winters Performance Quick Change rear end and driveshafts from The Driveshaft Shop. Check out this incredible 4 rotor RX7! Humbul is worth every second of your time!