400 Thunder drag race turns into a foot race!!!

400 Thunder drag race400 Thunder drag race ends up with both drivers crossing the finish line on foot.- what?

In the drag racing world where high-powered machines are in question, break downs are more than expected. But, what’s definitely not expected is something like this to happen. In the 400 Thunder dragster race the driver Ryan Learmonth opposed Maurice Allen, each of them on their vehicles. However, at the time of departure Maurice Allen’s machine breaks down and only a moment after, so does Learmonth’s ride. Now, at this point, you’d thought that there’s nothing to see here as the race is over.

400 Thunder drag race turns into a foot race

Well, not this time. Both competitors decide to cross the finish line no matter what it takes so they end up pushing their machines to the end on foot. It may be a foot race but, it’s a cool one – 400 Thunder drag race video below !