Full Engine Assembly Of a Toyota 4A-GE Engine!!

4A-GE Engine4A-GE Engine

Here’s a stop motion time lapse video of a full assembly of the Toyota 4A-GE 16v engine, as found in the ae86 Trueno Levin Corolla, Toyota mr2 aw11, as well as other Toyota vehicles like the Corona, Sprinter, Carina, and even the Chevrolet Nova and Geo Prizm.

Full Engine Assembly Of a Toyota 4A-GE Engine!!

The 4A-GE is a sporty 1600cc 124hp (116 with cat) 4 cylinder engine with a 7600 rpm redline and is one of the best sounding 4 cylinders out there. It’s a simple and reliable yet entertaining and exciting engine. By today’s standards its under-powered and outdated but it still has a faithful following due to its great character.

The particular engine assembled in this video is a 4A-GE 16v bigport.

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