526ci Hemi blown Buick Regal gives an earful down the drag strip!

526ci Hemi526ci Hemi blown Buick Regal makes the folks around it cover their ears.

This is one of the Buicks that have never seen better days. The team standing behind it, has really made and effort to make this car look cool and be powerful at the same time. The headlights are tinted, the front bumper goes down to the ground providing stability at high speeds and the black color makes it look meaner too.

526ci Hemi blown Buick Regal hits the drag strip

Notice the small rims with large profile tires? Those can only point out to one thing- racing! And when it comes to racing one of the things that we are usually interested in is the engine. This Buick Regal has a 526ci Hemi to push it all the way. The general public and the gear heads know that this engine means business. See how Hemi it goes: