7 unexpected drift vehicles taken sideways!

7 unexpected drift vehicles7 unexpected drift vehicles that were taken drifting.

To be brutally honest here, let’s face it- not all cars are made to drift and they will never be. If you ask me, that’s the beauty of it- their differences and categories that they fall into. However, here we have a video of 7 vehicles that you wouldn’t expect to go sideways, let alone shredding tires and leaving clouds of smoke behind them.

7 unexpected drift vehicles taken sideways

Starting from that 1JZ-powered VW Caddy, an RWD, all the way to the last one, a V8-powered RWD VW Golf, it’s a list that you’ll definitely find entertaining. The ride that surely surprised me with the drifting is the electric Toyota Prius and I enjoyed the smoky action of the  Golf. What about you? Check the 7 unexpected drift vehicles video out!