70’s drag racing! That was the real deal!

70's drag racing70’s drag racing

We all love 70’s drag racing; the wild paint schemes, the unique hand-lettering, the in-your-face hood scoops, the droves of attendees, and the mechanical cackle of those nitro-burning high-compression HEMI-headed big blocks… I can go on and on.. Even though the technology now is much more advanced, somehow back then, the racing had more enthusiasm and more soul!

70’s drag racing! That was the real deal!

Many of you will agree that drag racing in the 70s was the real thing. Stunning cars from the best era ever gathered in one video will surely make true car lovers feel a bit nostalgic. These cool cars from the 70s are here to remind us how drag racing was done back then – the difference from now is huge. Well, it seems that the 70’s style just can’t be beaten. Check out this old school drag racing footage!