8000HP Funny cars drag racing – Embrace the power!

8000HP Funny cars8000HP Funny cars drag racing – it must be seen!

You’re probably already used to seeing drag racers going at the ‘speed of light’ on tracks in a straight line so, today, we’ve decided to show you something that kind of differs. It is a drag race and the line is straight, except that the racers don’t actually follow the line. We’re talking about a ‘duel’ between 8000HP Funny cars Cruz Pedregon and Bill Burke. Now, if you have ever heard of them you can probably guess that the video isn’t exactly brand new but, I know that most of you will agree with me that it’s worth seeing.

8000HP Funny cars drag racing – Embrace the power!

As Funny cars are in question here, you’re probably guessing that here lies some serious power and you’re right.Trying to get a 8000HP Funny cars beast sideways seems impossible and it is to an extent. You don’t have to actually reach 8000HP but, to get the tires smoking like never before and to actually handle such a car and control its power is definitely not an easy task. You need years of experience with rides and of course, nothing is ever planned or certain with that much power. Just take a look at the video, it looks almost like they’re racing in oil slick track and waiting to see who can make it to the finish line without crashing. Hope you enjoy it! 8000HP Funny cars video below!