800HP Nissan S14 Rocket Bunny abusing the streets!

800hp Nissan800hp Nissan

No matter how many videos of modified 800hp Nissan S14 have you seen in hard core action on the streets or how much sideways-action you have seen a true gearhead hever gets tired of watching fast, powerful and highly modified sports cars. So, I think it would be safe to say that you’ll love this build too.

800hp Nissan S14 Rocket Bunny!

Thus, here we have a video that shows one of the best drift models of GTR down in action that gives out approximately 800 HP. That’s right, this is another modified Nissan S14 that not only looks but is also ready to rip off the tarmac beneath its tires. The monster under the hood is running at 0.75 bar so, enjoy the action!