A 550HP Ariel Atom racing at Texas Speedway!

Ariel Atom racing at the most famous speedway in Texas!!

In the video below you can see Ariel Atom racing at Texas Speedway! You would probably agree that Ariel Atom is one of the most unique street cars ever. The Atom is not legal on freeways, only at the local streets. Its lack of weight is balanced with its lack of power, and it is used for karting. With its amazing 550hp it can easily keep up with cars at TX2K 14 that make more horsepower. This overpower thing is wild indeed!

This particular Atom is making 550HP, has 2.1 liter ecotec zzperformance engine Stage 2 zzp head. Stage 3 turbo reverse split cams. Precision 6262 ball bearing billet wheel turbo! Clutch masters twin disc clutch. Sheetmetal intake manifold! As you can see, it’s a little bit tuned, so let’s see what it’s up to! Check it out!