Acura NSX can’t stop drifting – Beast mode!!!

Acura NSXAcura NSX!

The Drift Matsuri is held 3 times a year in Japan! And in case you didn’t know “Drift Matsuri” means “drift festival” in Japanese- 36 hours of non-stop drifting action! Think of it as the Le Mans race except that instead of 200 mph prototype and GT1 class there are pro and amateur drifters free-styling to hell and back. In the entire history of this event, there have been fewer than 500 cars attendant at any given time in any possible type; from “drift missiles” to retired D1GP race cars.

This Acura NSX can’t stop drifting!!!

And a ride that’s not quite favorable in the drifting world is the Acura NSX. The car does have supercar-like qualities including near perfect weight balance, a mid-engine layout, and chassis tuning but, this thing is just not the right choice when drifting is in question. The NSX’s prize is just way out of reach for most and because of its long wheelbase aggressive angles through the corners aren’t quite imaginable.  However, this NSX is getting sideways throughout the Nishi short circuit, shredding tires like crazy. Watch it happen!