Acura precision concept – Fancy deception or a predictor?

Acura precisionAcura precision concept

This car is not a typical Acura, actually it only has few parts that reminds us of it. But, that doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing. The concept sedan was introduced at NAIAS in Detroit and as the name implies we’re not looking at a real car but a design that’s suppose to serve for upcoming models of the brand. It’s like a guarantee that we’re going to see pieces of this concept in the next car that Acura will introduce. But again, that doesn’t mean it won’t become reality.

Acura precision concept

Besides the squared-off lines of the exterior another distinctive feature of the Precision Concept is the updated version on the infotainment system with a curved screen. The sedan “scans each occupant and selects personalized features and functions,” but for all we now it can do anything like a fingerprint scan or a facial recognition but, we have no idea what exactly is on the plate. Nevertheless, it’s a good starting point for Acura. Acura Precision video below!