AeYO rider let’s you skate, scoot and cycle- all the same time!

AeYOAeYO rider is a vehicle designed by a company called Aemotic. Aemotic is a Munich-based company that managed to build a vehicle that is a mixture of a scooter, a bicycle and roller skates. The AeYO rider allows you to move freely and it provides a good exercise – you use 10 muscle groups when riding on this thing.

It may not sound as much but, according to the German company, this machine is the future of exercise. Due to the fact that it is a mixture of other recreational vehicles, it combines the dynamic motion of inline skating. In addition, it has the convenience and safety of a bicycle.

AeYO rider let’s you skate, scoot and cycle- all the same time!


The AeYO features brake levers, handlebars, and a basket of a bicycle. Of course, it also has got a pair of skates attached to the steering column. The rider is supposed to strap his feet in and use a skating motion to propel the AeYO rider forward. Furthermore, it is compatible with any regular shoe size.

Why is the AeYo the future of exercise? Well, this machine keeps both of your legs moving and you have no other choice! It keeps your feet stable and prevents them from tilting while allowing them to move freely. In that way, it works the back, arms, and the core. In other words, the flexibility of the AeYO ensures a great workout for the entire body.You can have a case, basket, and a lighting system if you find it necessary. It could become your new vehicle for your commute into work. That is if you don’t mind some raised eyebrows of course.

The German company priced their mixture of vehicles at £370. The Munich-based Aemotics also adds that it is suitable for all ages. Check it out!