AIRCRAFT adventure – Robbie Maddison is on the loose again!

AIRCRAFT adventureAIRCRAFT adventure with Robbie Maddison will always be something that motorcycle enthusiasts are excited to see.

There are really only a few things that are cooler than a huge junkyard that is full of old aircraft decaying in the sun and heat, tonne of rusting metal, lots of sand, some nose cones and an unforgiving sky. When someone says “a freestyle motocross stunt maverick’ there may be a few talented riders that you can tell him. But, what if that someone adds ” a world motorcycle jump record holder”? Then, the association game is over, as there is no hesitation that the person he is looking for is Robbie “Maddo”.

This is Robbie Maddison on his most out-there adventure so far. Named AIR.CRAFT – AIRCRAFT adventure and made in association with DC Shoes, this is a video that will assure you that Maddison isn’t the one who will play games. AIR.CRAFT – AIRCRAFT adventure takes place in the eerie military aircraft graveyard in Tucson, Arizona. You have to admit, the location and the action shown in the video are actually a perfect combination of tough and elegant; and that’s always a plus.

AIRCRAFT adventure – Robbie Maddison is on the loose again!

What’s really amazing about this AIRCRAFT adventure – ‘journey’ is that it features an array of never before seen stunts. From death-defying drop from an airborne shipping container to an incredible jump onto a moving trailer, Robbie again shows the world what he is capable of. In addition, you will be able to witness some of the good old wheelies thrown in just for good measure. There is no need to deny it- the Aussie daredevil has some unique and legendary freestyle motorcycle skills that the world will never be able to forget. Oh and, we wouldn’t recommend attempting these stunts at home or anywhere else, for that matter. Check out the AIRCRAFT adventure video and enjoy!