Alternative uses for baking soda – 10 awesome life hacks!

Alternative uses for baking soda

Alternative uses for baking soda that you are likely to find quite interesting and useful as well!

Baking soda can be used for various things aside from baking. The baking soda is a natural product and also known as sodium bicarbonate. Thus, it can improve your life in the most eco-friendly and toxic free way and not only make your cakes taste better. This is a product that is super cheap and has the ability to neutralize pH. This means that it is never too alkaline or too acidic, which is great.

Alternative uses for baking soda – 10 awesome life hacks!

Alternative uses for baking soda

In the video below is an awesome list of alternative uses for baking soda. It can solve many kinds of household problems. These are just some of them :

– Air freshener. You won’t need chemicals and toxins around anymore when you add one tablespoon of baking soda to distilled water and squeeze a lemon in it.
Pranking your friends. If you want to be a part of a prank that doesn’t cost too much and can be done easily, look no more. All you have to do is pour one spoon of baking soda into a bottle of ketchup. Then, put it in the fridge and wait for your friend(s) to pick it up. Normally, most people would shake the bottle before they use and when they open it, they will definitely be surprised. Moreover, this little prank will make sure your friend spends a lot of time cleaning afterward.

– Get rid of the odor coming out from your shoes. Sprinkle a fair amount of baking soda on a paper tower. Then, fold it and put it in your shoe and leave it there for a night. Problem solved!

– Grill -friendly. Cleaning your grill will require no more than some baking soda and some water. It works like a charm.
– Stop a grease fire. If you keep pouring baking soda over the flame it will eventually stop. It may ruin your food but it does save you a visit from the fire brigade.

Check out the video to see all of them!