An immersive 360° experience from the cockpit of a F-5 Fighter Jet!

A screenshot from Dominik Baumann's 360° video inside a Swiss Air Force F-5 fighter jet over Switzerland.

Check out this cool You Tube find that provides an immersive 360° experience from the rear cockpit of a F-5E/F Tiger II!! The jet is part of the “Patrouille Suisse”, the Swiss version of the Red Arrows. The video is made during a flight over the Swiss Alps and the man behind it is Dominik Baumann who flew with the team in August with his Freedom 360 rig with 6 GoPro cameras. The plane they are sitting in is an F-5/F, which is a two seater. The pilot operating the plane is sitting in the front seat.

The six jets that you’re about to see in the video performed maneuvers at 560 mph with their wingtips sometimes come as close to 9 feet apart. The camera will allow you to move around the 360 degree field of view of the spherical video if you use one of the supported browsers such as Chrome. Otherwise, you’ll simply be able to enjoy in the fish eye point of view. Take a look at this awesome video that displays a unique experience and don’t forget that you can spin the video around!