Angry airplane worker destroys jet after getting fired – MUST SEE!!!

Angry airplane workerAngry airplane worker is apparently not the right person to be given an excavator. Especially, not if you fire him/her first.

Namely, a furious former airplane worker got his ultimate revenge by completely destroying a $6.6m jet. Is this an ‘only in Russia” moment or what? Nevertheless, the story is actually considered to be a rumor that this UTair airplane got wrecked by a sacked employee that has some obvious anger management issues ( that is if the story is true!).

Angry airplane worker destroys jet after getting fired.

Well, viewers have actually been pretty skeptical about the truthfulness of the video. There were also some that say the excavator is actually disposing of an old model of the plane – a one that has been pulled out of use. Whatever the truth may be, it’s still not pleasant to see how the yellow digger smashed its claws into the plane, opening a large home near the cockpit, after several “attacks”. Check the Angry airplane worker video below!