Arkády Ultimate DownMall – Downhill, Fourcross and Freestyle!

Awesome downhill!- Arkády Ultim8 DownMall!!!

The fourth edition of Arkády Ultimate DownMall was held in Prague, Czech Republic. It attracts top riders from all over Europe and on January 28, 2012 there were drivers of escalators, large gaps, high drops and lots of other things in the heart of Prague.

Who doesn’t like racing in a mall during business hours anyway? 30 professional riders attended this event. There were 3 different disciplines – downhill, fourcross and freestyle. Only one can be named the best, and everybody anticipates to see the winner! In 2012 it was Tomas Slavik! The most interesting are always the downhill scenes. In the video below you can see one pretty awesome downhill taken with a Go Pro camera. Check it out!

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