Attractive model Kora has a real thing for drifting!

Attractive model KoraAttractive model Kora loves the adrenaline rush.

Kora is an appealing, French Polynesian model that was raised in Tahiti. She says that she loves poker and go-karts among some other things and that you don’t need keys to drive her crazy. That pretty much sums it up but, you could enjoy the engine sound and the tire screeching, the tire-smoking part and you already know the rest.

Attractive model Kora has a real thing for drifting

We’re already pretty happy that there are girls that share the same passion for car action as well as us guys and pretty excited that there are some pretty girl. Though, we’re not sure that Kora is the type of girl that will sit behind the wheel, it’s still cool to see the action – Check the¬†Attractive model Kora video¬†out!