Doyle rotary engine adds a new dimension to split cycle engines

Doyle rotary engine

Doyle rotary engine or the DRE is a rotary split cycle engine that was designed with one particular purpose in mind- to replace the current automotive engines. As such, it brings many advantages. The Doyle rotary engine is lighter and smaller and has many efficiency gains over the engine concepts that we’ve seen so far. Doyle rotary engine adds a

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How to win a race by simply using a sensor strategy

How To Win A Race

How to win a race by using data acquisition on a race day is quite a fascinating “tutorial”. You know there are sensors in race cars, right? Well, it turns out that you can use the data that they provide to win the race. The TE connectivity test car, as other race cars that use sensors, can gather data like battery

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6.0 vortec powers a 1978 Camaro Z28 making it even more awesome!

6.0 vortec

6.0 Vortec came into existence thanks to General Motors. This well-known platform has a variety of purposes. Nevertheless, the company built the engine primarily to use it in its pickup trucks, SUVs, vans and heavy-duty trucks. The 6.0 Vortec displaces 6.0 liters as the name implies and it does that in a V8 configuration.  The particular 6.0 Vortec that we are

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V48 engine Kawasaki pushes the boundaries of sanity!

v48 engine

V48 engine Kawasaki is a type of motorcycle that you can only see once in a lifetime. If you’d like, it’s more of a mechanic phenomenon.  Surely, Kawasaki made some extreme motorcycles in 1970s like the H1 triple and its two-cycle power curve. But nothing really comes close to the V48 Kawasaki. This custom beast features 48 cylinders. It’s a

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Wheelstanding truck with a backward engine pops an amazing wheelie

Wheelstanding Truck

Wheelstanding truck with a backward engine pulls out one of the most amazing wheelies that we’ve ever seen. Well, if you’re not a fan of the YouTube show “Roadkill”, then chances are you’re not quite familiar with “Stubby Bob”. This actually is a 1950 Ford F6 2-ton dump-truck chassis cab. It was one of the project vehicles on the show and it

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BIGGEST Crankshaft in the US makes people look Shrink-Ray’d

BIGGEST Crankshaft

BIGGEST Crankshaft in the US looks absolutely amazing, especially when you see the size of it.  It’s not that we have never seen a crankshaft, in fact, we’re very familiar with their work. But what do amazes us is the size of this particular crankshaft. The biggest crankshaft in the US weighs over 37,000 lbs and is 37 feet long. Nevertheless,

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