Awesome sandrail wheelie pulled off by a kid is mind-blowing!

Awesome sandrail wheelieAwesome sandrail wheelie being pulled off by a 10-year old.¬†If you look back through the years, you’re ought to notice that some memories just stick out more than others- like learning to ice skate or riding a bike for the first time. Those moments make us feel on top of the world. However, what’s really interesting is that there is always one kid that happened to learn things a bit faster than the rest of us.

Awesome sandrail wheelie pulled off by a kid is mind-blowing

Now, how may times have you seen a little kind doing 1/4 mile wheelies on sand? Well, lets say that Ellery Gordon is one of those quick learners mentioned before. He and his dad hit Glamis Dunes in California and Ellery makes an incredible 55 mph 1/4 mile wheelie that will leave you with your mouth open. Awesome sandrail wheelie video below!