Axial Vector Engine 12 Cylinder Concept!

Axial Vector EngineAxial Vector Engine

Axial engines are a type of reciprocating engine with pistons arranged around an output shaft with their axes parallel to the shaft. Barrel refers to the cylindrical shape of the cylinder group whilst the Z-crank alludes to the shape of the crankshaft.

Axial Vector Engine 12 Cylinder Concept!

What you see here is a Axial Vector Engine 12 cylinder concept. A swashplate is rigidly fixed to the CAMDisk, and goes round with it as a unit. Therefore the connecting rods are not fixed to the plate in any way, but push on it with rollers or slipper pads that can glide over the surface of the plate as it turns. The main point of attraction is the use of CAM-Disk in place of Crank shaft to provide reciprocation.

Since the Engine is double Reciprocatory with corresponding strokes at both sides, there is no unbalancing of masses i.e. full balanced. Battery Ignition System is used with a spark plug for each cylinder. There are one inlet and one exhaust for each cylinder. Fins thickness is not calculated but 5mm is more than enough. Fuel Type used is Gasoline and the engine can found application in Aerospace as well as Automotive. Engine is mainly a torque converter type rather than speeder.

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