B 52 electric bike – a true off-road machine that pops over rocks!

B 52 electric bikeB 52 electric bike is something else!

When you reach a certain point, you start wondering whether your electric mountain bike just stopped being a bike and start being a motorcycle instead. Now, you may not know where that particular line is but, at least, we’re sure that the B 52 electric bike is as good as an off-road vehicle You can even call it an off-road bike – you won’t be wrong.

B 52 electric bike – a true off-road machine that pops over rocks

The B 52 electric bike from Stealth Electric Bikes has a top speed of 50 mph and zooms through gullies and up hills with an unmatched ease; all that thanks to its 5.2kW DC brushless engine. This thing drivers power both electric and pedal through a 9-speed sequential gearbox. In addition, this bikes features  10 inches of rear wheel travel and under 8 inches up front – for all the stumps, rocks and anything else that the trail throws at you.

When the rider of this bike happens to slow down, the kinetic energy is converted into electric to provide a longer ride and that goes for 50 miles on a single charge. While the tech may seem a lot, this the B 52 electric bike is quite easy to maintain and is totally bombproof – check it out!