Bad Seeds’ Custom Honda CBX 1000 – Road Bomber!

Custom Honda CBX 1000Custom Honda CBX 1000

Based on the iconic 1981 Honda CBX six cylinder inline bike, Bad Seeds Motorcycle Club transformed this old timer into a custom icon. The result is an extremely brutal and aggressive bike.

“The inspiration came from the drag bikes of the early 80’s,” says Olivier, one of the builders on this bike.

Bad Seeds’ Custom Honda CBX 1000 – Road Bomber!

The new stance and bodywork are the most obvious changes on the bike. Bad Seeds have also converted the CBX’s ‘Pro-Link’ mono-shock rear end to a twin shock arrangement. The swingarm’s been braced, and a new subframe’s been built to accommodate a pair of Öhlins shocks. The fuel tank is a modified Harley Sportster item, and the seat is adapted from a Honda CB900.

Check it out!

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