“Bad to the bone”, school bus / monster truck!


This school bus/monster truck is called “Bad to the bone” and it is awesome! The owner of this mean-looking school bus is Eddy Haemker, who claims that it is the first original monster bus, built around 20 years ago. 8 years later, Eddy decided that it’s time to rebuild this machine and use it for charity event and we have to admit that he definitely did a good job.

The Monster school bus is 22 feet long and 13 feet high. Those huge tires have 25 inch rims and this whole thing weighs 19,ooo pounds. One of its many passengers says that even though it looks like the ride is going to be as smooth as possible, he thought that he would roll on one side at its every turn, when he was on it, so maybe not the most practical school bus. The maximum speed that the bus can achieve is 5-7 mph and of course, it has seat-belts and child seats.

Check it out!