Bait Moped crazy prank ends in an even crazier knockout!!!

Bait Moped crazy prankBait Moped crazy prank is one of those pranks that you definitely don’t want to fall for, even if the pranksters are some of your friends who just want to mess with you. It will scare the hell out of you.
Bait Moped videos have become one of the most videos on the Internet and they are becoming even popular with every single day due to the fact that we as people just enjoy laughing at another person’s hilarious fail attempts while trying yo get a new bike, car motorcycle and pretty much anything else that you can think of. Well, at least we know that the human world doesn’t lack the sense of creativity no matter the purposes.
This time, we’ve decided to share a video with you that was made by TwinzTV.

Bait Moped crazy prank ends in an even crazier knockout

Namely, they place a bait moped right in front of the car in which they patiently await for someone who can’t resist the temptation of finding out whether someone would truly treat his/ hers right in such a way. Many guys got on the scooter and got taken aback by the consequences they have experienced but, there was this one guy in particular that actually managed to get knockout out. Fortunately, he got no serious injuries from the accident and hopefully, this dude learnt his lesson- never try to see someone else’s property. Bait Moped video below!