Because skiing is too mainstream: Jon Olson is drifting uphill on a ski slope!


Let’s introduce you to one professional skier and a supercar enthusiast, who was brave enough to drift up on a ski slope. Jon Olson is the man who drifted a 500,000 Euro Rebellion R2K on a ski slope in Sweden. The 600-horsepower beast is equipped with a set of 315 wide winter tires to help keep the car planted. Jon managed to get his little adventure filmed, and now we are about to see the final result. He says that he has always had a passion for taking supercars to ski slopes.

He got injured and that’s why he can’t ski now. So instead of skiing, he decided to drive a supercar on such terrain just to see what would happen. Check out the video below to see how Olson is sliding sideways on the top of an empty mountain. Amazing!