Bed drift trike – Take your bed and start drifting!

bed drift trikeBed drift trike

This thing is for everyone who hate getting out of bed but, still have to go somewhere. Yes, we thought that it was impossible too but someone actually came up with something like this- it’s a drift trike with attached bed. Did someone say that you can’t ride your trike while resting in bed? Here’s to prove them wrong.

Bed drift trike on the loose!

In the video the guy is riding his bed drift trike while his friends are also taking part in the action down a hill only with their normal drift trikes. Obviously, it is exceptionally hard to control such a trike but we can actually see the guy changing positions from laying on his stomach to laying on his back and even using ropes to handle the thing. We must admit that the idea is quite original and while we can’t say that it’s the safest thing to do, it still is fun!