Benjamin Button motorcycle – The unforgettable show stopper!

Benjamin Button motorcycleBenjamin Button motorcycle, the Indian 101 Scout, is one of the two motorcycles that Brad Putt rode in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. The other one is a silver-blue 956 Triumph T110. Nevertheless, the Indian 101 drags all of the attention to itself as it plays much bigger role in the movie. Or maybe because it’s just more awesome.

We may know it as the Benjamin Button motorcycle but, the Indian 101 Scout has a history. The Indian Motorcycle company built the 101 Scout between 1928 and 1931. For a long time, people thought of it as the best buke that Indian has ever built. Maybe, it still is.
Charles B. Franklin designed the Scout Series 101 in 1928 to replace the original Scout. Compared to the previous one, Benjamin Button motorcycle had a re-designed frame, a lower seat position and a longer wheelbase.

Benjamin Button motorcycle – The best bike built by Indian

Benjamin Button motorcycleA 740cc V-Twin engine provided the bike with power as standard, however, a smaller 620cc engine also stood as an offer. Indian didn’t really advertise the smaller engine, so they sold only few of them. The bigger had a stroke of 89 mm and a bore of 73 mm and produces 18 hp. The engineers tied it to a 3-speed transmission.
Throughout the years the company made little changes to it. Though, the Indian 101 Scout was very popular among trick riders and races. Its superior handling (in that era) made it somewhat of an icon. Needless to say, it was pretty expensive.

The Benjamin Button motorcycle, the one that we see in the movie, is a 1931 model. “Hobo John” of Costa Mesa is the current owner. Those of you who haven’t seen the movie, we recommend you to check it out. At least for the sake of seeing Benjamin Button motorcycle in action!