Bike Mine – the perfect invention that will scare off the thieves!

Bike MineBike Mine – Yannick Read’s read invention that will change the world of theft.  Yannick believes that has come up with a fast and easy way of protecting your two-wheel vehicle from being taken away from you by thieves.

The bike mine is actually a bomb that goes off when someone tries to make off with your ride. Now, Yannick is seeking investment for his little explosive creation. According to him, the bomb contains enough power to scare off the thieves and protect your possessions along the way. The bomb comprises a spring-loaded trap, length of titanium wire and a small detonator. You can attach the bike mine quickly to pretty much anything that you may store outside, in a shed or even in a garage. Yannick covered the robust steel construction in rubber skin so to protect your property for any damage that may be caused when the blast goes off. Moreover, the bike mine is also loud enough to alert passers-by and make the robbers go away. This guy really thought everything through.

Bike Mine – the perfect invention that will scare off the thieves

Thieves have stolen two vehicles from Yannick so far. That’s why he decided to do something about this.  Despite his efforts to make his rides secure then, he was still a victim of crime. If you ask him, thieves actually have a massive advantage. They can gain access to your possessions quite easily and dismantle the locks in the middle of the night.

The  bike mine requires no batteries and has only one moving part. In addition, it works 2/7 in all weather conditions and thieves cannot detect it easily. The Bike Mine is available and legal to use. so think twice before doing something that you’re going to regret! Check  his invention out in the video below!