Bike riding is just the right way to out-stand the police – Ghost rider style

Bike ridingBike riding can mean many things to different kinds of people. If we just take a break and face facts, we can figure out that bike riding is just a broad term. People do it for various reason and some of them make their bike riding epic. So epic that they become legends. Such is the story of the Ghost Rider.

Ghost Rider is just an alias that a Swedish motorcycle stunt rider used to hide his real name. Why? Well, I’m pretty sure that you’ve already heard of his bike riding skills and his talents. He has done some pretty dangerous, crazy and of course, illegal stunts on his bikes. Ghost Rider has done some insane maneuvers on public road and he hasn’t limited himself to Sweden road only. Amazingly, he has tackles many roads in a lot of European countries.

Bike riding is just the right way to out-stand the police – Ghost rider style

Furthermore, I must say that he has managed to protect his identity in a pretty classic way. Wearing a black helmet with black visor and black leathers is how he does it. But, we all know how he actually keeps his face hidden. That’s right, he never gets caught.

His bike riding skills are over the top and Ghost Rider knows it. If you were walking in his shoes, you would probably do the same. Thus, this is how he became famous around the globe. His bike riding maneuvers may be  illegal but boy does that guy know how to handle a bike.

We can go on and on about it, however, it’s best to sit back and watch the action. At least that’s what most of us can pretty much do. The video below is a compilation that was made by one of his fans. Thus, it includes the battles that he has fought with the police over and over again. Yet, he always takes the cake. Enjoy the action!