Bill Gates cars – What does a car collection of a billionaire look like?

Bill Gates carsBill Gates cars can’t be counted on the fingers of one hand. As a matter of fact, you probably can count them on the fingers of your both hands. Given the fact that he is a billionaire, we can expect to see somewhat more luxury in the cars he drives.

Someone has probably asked you this question before, but if you had all the money in the world, what kind of car would you buy yourself? While you ponder the question or let your mind drift off into heaven of automobiles, here is what a billionaire would do.

The American billionaire Bill Gates seem to be keen on speed. He is a self-professed speed lover and an avid art collector. Why am i mentioning art? Well, I like to consider vehicles as art and many of you will agree with me. Those who share the same passion for speed know that cars are not simply some means of transportation. I bet that even Gates would agree on this one. After all, Bill Gates cars are just one proof of that.

Bill Gates cars – What does a car collection of a billionaire look like?

Bill Gates carsSo, what do we know about one-time world’s richest man? He provided millions of computer users an operating system and we still use it today. In fact, many of us would probably be lost in the world of technology if it wasn’t for Microsoft. The truth is, Bill Gates is one of the most influential people of the last century. Moreover, Bill Gates cars inspire us to look into the automotive world and see what it has to offer, when money isn’t the problem.

Bill Gates cars, as I previously mention, cannot be counted as the man has too man of them. One of the most amazing car that is a part of his collection is the 1988 Porsche 959 Coupe. This was once the fastest street-legal production car in the world and he owns it.

Furthermore, in the “pile” of Bill Gates cars we could find a customized Porsche 911 Carrera  and the Porsche 930. Again, these are one of the fastest cars in the world. Even if we forget about the speed for a second, we would still see the luxury in them. How? Well, let’s just say that all of Bill Gates cars have luxurious deluxe interiors.

Bill Gates’ car collection is pretty huge so, let’s skip the talking and go straight for the watching. The video below contains all the new and old car that he owns. Enjoy the view!